Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oracle Gem Designs at Two Booth Locations This Weekend

Last minute shopping doesn't have to be a hassle.  At Oracle Gem Designs we have something totally unique and tastefully created in all price ranges.  Our handmade jewellery is popular year round but I've cooked up some amazing last minute deals for the savvy Christmas shopper: 

This Saturday December 12th ALL Gahooletree genuine gemstone birthstone earrings on sterling silver earwires will be reduced by a remarkable 50%! 

This Saturday we're also featuring a large selection of NEW SassyDLite pieces at savings up to 80% off retail. 

AND here's the best news of all.  This Saturday we're offering our unique handmade artisan jewellery at TWO locations within the GTA! 

David will handle our booth at the R.H. McGregor Holiday Arts and Craft Sale, 555 Mortimer Avenue (Coxwell north of Danforth & adjacent to Toronto East General Hospital) from 10 am to 3pm;

AND once again this week I'll be at Beach United Church West, 2002 Queen Street East (between Woodbine and Lee) in the Beaches (10am to 4pm).

We've pulled together our best sellers, many crammed with quality features like sterling silver chains, genuine gemstone & swarovski crystal accents.  Special holiday pricing is well below wholesale so get there early for the best selection.   Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Store Wide Sale - SAVE 30% !

SAVE 30% until December 3rd at Gahooletree

Take advantage of storewide savings at Gahooletree.

Everything 30% off! 

Our very first SALE

Pricing valid Till midnight December 3rd, 2009.  

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Show Schedule

Oracle Gem Designs at Brooks P.S. Holiday Craft Sale!

Find out what Oracle Gem Designs handmade jewelry is all about.  We're planning to exhibit new work this holiday season at these upcoming Toronto area shows:

  •  Sat.Nov. 21: Orchard Villa Christmas Bazaar, 1955 Valley Farm Road, Pickering, ON, L1V1X6 10-4pm Free Admission
  • Sat.Nov. 28: Brooks Road P.S. Christmas Craft Sale, Brooks P.S., 85 Keeler Boulevard, West Hill, M1E4K6 10-2pm Free Admission
  • Sat.Dec. 5: Not Your Granny's Craft Sale & 21st Annual Christmas Artists' Market @ Beach United Church West, 2002 Queen Street East Toronto 11-4pm Free Admission
  • Sat.Dec. 12: R.H. McGregor Holiday Art & Craft Sale, R.H. McGregor P.S. 555 Mortimer Avenue East York/Toronto 10-3pm Free Admission
  • Sat.Dec. 19: Not Your Granny's Craft Sale & 21st Annual Christmas Artists' Market @ Beach United Church West, 2002 Queen Street East Toronto 11-4pm Free Admission
Drop by and say hi! 

We've been extremely busy at the Ga'Hoole Tree! Our workshop has spun out hundreds of interesting new pieces all designed and created with holiday gift giving in mind. With this new collection there's something for everyone: Girls bracelets, earrings & necklaces, youths & unisex necklaces, mens vintage & gemstone collars and a large assortment of affordable womens pieces have been rapid sellers so far this season.

At our booth you'll find versions of our best sellers as well as a Sale Bin chock full of amazing values -- so shop early! And we've scoured the globe for the past year to find some incredible deals on materials so pricing is more affordable than ever before :) This is our most fashion forward collection and our best pricing ever!

Gahooletree and SassyDLite handmade jewelry by Anna Lee Husband of Oracle Gem Designs on exhibit at ThortonView Christmas Bazaar Oshawa

Personal versus online shopping:

  • Free bonuses or other online promotions are not available when shopping in person.
  • At personal appearances/exhibits items currently available for sale in our online shops will NOT be on display! So if you are planning to attend one of my shows in order to examine a particular creation, kindly email me in advance and I'll bring along whatever you're interested in viewing.
  • Sometimes purchasing online via custom request is faster, easier and even cheaper.  Drop me a line for a prompt quote.   
  • To avoid the crowds and get your shopping done from home, just email me with your ideas.  I can usually replicate any design within a day or so (both current and sold items if the materials are still available in our inventory).  I'll reply with a prompt quote and your goodies can be on their way to you in no time.
  • Using our PayPal payment gateway a PayPal account is NOT required.  You may bypass PayPal login.  Payment with any major credit card is fast, easy and totally secure.
  • Buy with confidence because with us no sale is ever final!  This means if you require an adjustment, repair, replacement, exchange or refund just contact me. 

Friday, October 30, 2009

"Jewelry Business Key Success Factor - Teaming With Social Marketing Pals"

Looking to take your online shop(s) to the next level? At eSMArts a key success factor for many of us has been learning how to properly apply Social Marketing concepts within our unique team concept.

Looking to share your marketing skills with like minded souls? Well, we've been building our repertoire of social networking skills and the results are vibrant and prosperous online shops... but we're looking for a few more good people :)

Join our social marketing group for artists!!! eSMArts (originally meant Etsy Social Marketing Artisans) sends you an open invitation to take part in a unique networking and creative process.

We are a global collaborative of mixed media artisans who discuss social networking principles and how to apply them in our online indie shops. A major goal for our group is cross promoting our team mates, but we've also formed good friendships in the process and we even have a hoot of a good time every now and then too!

Contrary to the name, social marketing does not mean 'socializing', so our group is not about chit chat. Social marketing involves building online relationships and endorsing those within a reference group. These activities are FREE but they involve elbow grease and a small but regular time commitment.

Using our main discussion forum (based in Yahoo Groups finance section) we've crossed boundaries of selling platforms and global constraints. We've recently opened a second chapter called "Social Marketing Artisans/eSMArts on ArtFire" and many of our members now have established shops on other emerging sales venues as well.

Our group mandate: To foster friendship, creativity, connection, inspiration, discussion and plenty of cross promotion via implementing social marketing principles in order to drive traffic to our storefronts/online shops.

If you think that partnering with us (we're mainly jewelry artisans) to learn more about the use of blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social marketing (or social networking) venues is right for you, then what are you waiting for? Please email or use the link provided and join us!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Turkey Day Follow Up

This year David prepared our Thanksgiving meal! whoo hoo! and as I mentioned earlier we had opted to roast commercially prepared turkey breasts in lieu of a complete stuffed turkey.  This is a whole new territory for me - totally uncharted waters!

I can count on the fingers of one hand the times when we did NOT roast a fully stuffed turkey bird for Thanksgiving over the past 30 years.  I suppose Thanksgiving is the one western festival that we celebrate religiously!  LOL   David and I openly admit being hedonistic AND food motivated!

So I purchased two frozen turkey meats, a stuffed breast by Maple Leaf (below right) and the light and dark meat Butterball offering (below left and the package is pictured at the bottom of this article).  Both of these cuts are easy and straight forward to prepare ~ you just pop 'em in the oven!

Neither offering produces much in the way of pan juices, so if you're thinking of choosing these convenient cuts plan on canned gravy or my favourite is the powdered Bisto gravy maker that turns boiled carrot water and 1 tsp of butter into a delicious gravy. We just love that stuff!

The stuffed Maple Leaf offering (approx. $15 CAD) turned out to be formed around the breast bone and it contained way more bones, fat and waste than we expected.  The included prepared stuffing was not to my liking at all and I wouldn't purchase this product again.

The Butterball (above left) was totally boneless with zero waste so at roughtly $21 CAD it proved to be the best value overall.  If we absolutely must work with a convenience cut in the future, we would seriously consider a totally boneless choice such as the Butterball offering.

Lots of folks simply won't eat homemade stuffing that has been roasted inside the turkey carcass... and if your family is the same, bake lots of of homemade stuffing in a covered buttered baking dish or there's always the stove top brands of commercially prepared stuffing mixes... they're fast and rather tasty especially given the fact that they require only a few minutes to toss together. 

David whipped us up stovetop stuffing, canned gravy, roasted sweet potatoes, prepared mashed potatoes, and a ton of nutritious and delicious steamed vegetables, canned jellied cranberries and finally warmed purchased pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream .

The feast was fabulous and if you're in a hurry consider a convenience cut of frozen turkey breast... but to be honest nothing can compare in taste, texture and presentation with a fully stuffed roast bird.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ISIS Handmade Set - Apatite and Hessonite Garnet on 14k Gold Fill

Water and Sun inspired and perfect for your cruise, these unique one of a kind pieces are currently available for immediate shipping!

Visit for more of my special gemstone creations.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Harvest is my favourite time of the year. Warm sunny days with cool, crisp nights, colourful leaves, and an abundance of health giving and tasty produce. It's really no wonder then that we choose beautiful autumn to pause & celebrate with loved ones, to take stock of our blessings and appropriately, to give thanks.

Today our daughter came home to share in the traditional harvest feast. This year we've opted for boneless turkey roasts in lieu of the full roasted stuffed bird. More on that to follow.

I've never viewed Thanksgiving as being a particularly religious event. To me Thanksgiving is an opportunity to meditate and reflect while enjoying, savouring & appreciating earth's bounty. By so doing I somehow feel at one with and in harmony with the universe.

Above: my hand cross stitch from 2006. This is a free pattern that I found online and amended. Some day I'll get it professionally framed.

Albeit primitive, all civilizations and cultures have celebrated earth's gifts in one way or another. I suggest that humans are inextricably linked to Mother Earth and her cycles - that we're organically and spiritually a part of this beautiful orb and without Earth we won't survive...

Do something today to invest in the future of the planet.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Madeleine Pink Sapphire and 14k Gold Fill by GaHooleTree on Etsy

Madeleine Pink Sapphire and 14k Gold Fill by GaHooleTree on Etsy
  • A new listing. 
  • Pricing of $89 reflects a premium for pink sapphire.
  • Pricing also includes FREE SHIPPING to Canada and continental USA. 
  • This item is also available in sterling. 
  • This style is available in other genuine gemstones including: sky blue topaz, yellow topaz, london blue topaz, ruby, blue sapphire, amethyst, peridot, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, citrine, pearl, carnelian, clear crystal quartz, rose quartz, garnet, aquamarine, moonstone, emerald, white topaz, jade, turquoise and more.   Please email for availability and firm pricing on other gemstone/birthstone beads.    [email tiger_eye at rogers dot com] for a prompt firm quote. 
  • Please allow 2 days for custom creations.

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CheapTweet - ON SALE!!! Check them out!! eSMArts Team Rocks - Twitter Deals, Coupons, Bargains, Sales and Discounts

CheapTweet - ON SALE!!! Check them out!! eSMArts Team Rocks - Twitter Deals, Coupons, Bargains, Sales and Discounts

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Travels to "The Rock"

David and Amy at Woody Point on Bonne Bay inside Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland
The Tablelands mountains in the distance - where the earth's mantle/crust is exposed

These pictures were taken a few days ago inside Gros Morne National Park on the western shore of Newfoundland. The geological makeup of this area is at times other worldly.

'The Rock' is an incredibly beautiful but rugged place. I'm amazed by how unfamiliar the rock formations here actually are. Here's a view of the exposed mantle which is so prevalent in The Tablelands area of Gros Morne park.

The orange rocks contain a black mineral called peridosite that apparently is known to exist only in the earth’s mantle or crust. But we have learned that many minerals can be found in Newfoundland. Virginite is available on the Baie Verte Penninsula.
my unknown green rocks
Yesterday I found an outcropping of this gorgeous green mineral along the sides of the TransCanada Highway. It might be serpentine but at this point I'm really not sure. It could also be Canadian Jade, or perhaps just more unakite.

Along the ocean I've found pretty unakite and red jasper specimens and marble and marble-like deposits are common. But I've been most intrigued by the lava, silica, grabbo, anorthocite, chert, granite etc. that is so unique and plentiful here. If you look closely you'll notice that these striated boulders along Newfoundland's west coast display molten rock patterns:
lava boulders along Newfoundland's west coast
I've yet to find any labradorite in its natural state. I'm told that native labradorite deposits near Nain on the northern Labrador mainland yield high grade specimens, but I'm not going there (well not on this trip anyway!).

But artisans and galleries of handmade art are everywhere. We're seeing tons of labradorite jewelry for sale too but I question how much of these gems were sourced in Canada. A few renowned inuit stone carvers in the Nain area have shipped their work here for retail sales at the gallery level.

Some Newfoundland galleries and jewelers do import small quantities of labradorite from Nain, Labrador for use in jewelry and carving but these instances are rare and the finished artwork is of gallery quality and price (not the commonly priced labradorite so plentiful and on display at all souvenir outlets).

There's a soapstone outcropping/mine up on the northern tip of the Baie Verte penninsula (Fleur de Lys) so hopefully we'll head that way tomorrow. The soapstone mine is now operated by the provincial and federal governments as a heritage site and apparently no hammering is allowed. We'll see :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

NEW in our eSMArts Team Shop

Leila Necklace - Iolite and 14k gold fill.

Please support our eSMArts Team Shop! This online store is a volunteer effort... Proceeds from your purchase will support a very worthy cause.

eSMArts stands for etsy Social Marketing Artisans. We're a global team of mixed media artisan designers who meet online to pool resources, share & inspire and discuss social networking techniques. Our team shop is located on etsy, a worldwide showcase of fine handmade art, crafts and related items.

This is my latest contribution to our eSMArts team shop. I designed the "Leila Necklace" using wonderful gem quality iolite and 14k gold fill. This dainty neck wrap measures 17 inches in total length.

ALL shop proceeds really are being donated to a very worthy cause. We really need your support too. Please consider making a purchase to help us out.

Like the style of one of our featured artists but don't see exactly what you need? Then please convo for info and we'll get a custom listing or commissioned piece under way per your specs and price range. Oh and again, proceeds from your purchase will still be donated to our cause!


Support an independant artisan

Handmade really IS better

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lake Ontario Beach Glass

Lake Ontario beach glass

My friend Diane in Rhode Island was right - there IS great beach glass along the shores of Lake Ontario... The other day Amy and I romped down to the Oshawa shoreline. We only had ten minutes to spend there but we managed to find seven nice beach glass samples in that short period of time!

Lake Ontario beach glass
I took a stab at wrapping this one. Now be nice! :) I'm not a fan of most wire wrapped cabochon styles so this isn't a wire technique that I claim experience with! LOL

But to best showcase the lovely transparency of beach glass a dainty wire setting seems quite appropriate.

And don't even ask why I used silver wire on the back side. Heaven knows what I was thinking. I've just gotta stop working in front of the TV!

soldering a sterling collar

I also had fun creating a soldered sterling collar around another beach glass specimen. That's a time consuming technique and takes more patience than I can muster.

Lake Ontario beach glass

As you can see, I cracked the glass! :( And as soon as that happened I called it a day... The finished product however remains near and dear to me (it was the first piece of Lake Ontario beach glass that I found on my quest) so I just might finish and wear this fugly for that reason alone. It's not the destination, it's the journey.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thank You Lois & Al!

It was great finally meeting Lois of ABeadedAffair last weekend. Lois and I have certainly done our fair share of chatting and exchanging emails, but nothing can replace the joy of connecting with somebody in person.

Lois and Al live in a picturesque burough of north east Philadelphia - the land of hoagies, philly steak sandwiches and hospitality! Time was a bit tight, but we managed to squeeze in some sightseeing, shopping and plenty of warm company. We'll be back to sample Al's meade in the near future.

David and I wish to thank Lois and Al for being such good hosts. Here we are enjoying Lois' famous prime rib dinner and all the fixins! It was nice that Wilma of Wilma's Whimseys and her son Ray from Minnesota were also able to join the party!

It was a perfectly enjoyable weekend. We didn't have as much time to discuss gemstones and jewelry as we would have liked, but then again, put a few beaders together and the banter could rattle on forever!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Support our Team Shop

eSMArts Team Shop Badge (customizable)

Please visit our eSMArts Team Store where all proceeds support worthy causes! There are textiles, fine art, jewelry and even hobby supplies currently available for secure online purchase.

We have many talented artists currently exhibiting their wares in our eSMArts Team Store so you're sure to find something unique, well crafted and handmade!

Note to eSMArts members: if you'd like a banner/badge like the one displayed here for use on your blogs etc., please email me with pics of your items that you've added to the Team Store. I'll customize a badge for you (free)!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joella Miller - Always Wired Bead Lady!

Joella Miller - Always Wired Bead Lady

Joella Miller is the talented jewelry artist and designer behind AlwaysWiredBeadLady located in Brodhead, WI. Joella is also my friend and a valued member of our online Artisan family called eSMArts.

I met Joella a year ago and was immediately drawn in amazement toward her intricate chainmaille designs. Joella has mastered a vast array of artisan jewelry making techniques. Her lovely wire wrapping and chainmaille creations are crisp, modern and truly timeless. This artist enjoys custom work so contact Joella directly to have your unique design statement project started today.

Joella Miller - Always Wired Bead Lady
Joella's handcrafted jewelry creations are pieces of lasting beauty that have received wide acclaim and recognition. Joella has recently been accepted to appear at WisCon 33's Art Show being held in Madison, WI May 23, 24 and 25. WisCon is a premier feminist SciFi convention that only accepts 40 artists in their popular Art Show!

Copper Romanov bracelet with red swarovski crystals by Joella Miller

Joella will also be appearing this summer (every Saturday morning) at the Dane County Farmer's Market. This premier farmer's market has a special section for arts and will run all summer long. So be sure to make a point of dropping by Joella's Always Wired Bead Lady booth this season!

Joella Miller - Always Wired Bead Lady

There is more background information on this artist and a sneak peek into what's new at her studio on her blog:

Joella Miller - Always Wired Bead Lady

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Solid Copper Bracelet

mens/unisex solid copper bracelet by Gahooletree

It appears Easter is already upon me and I intend to use this weekend to get caught up on a few outstanding projects for my cyber family. I've been working on this solid copper bracelet for my brother who I promised this to back in November. I hope he likes it.

mens/unisex solid copper bracelet by Gahooletree

I haven't worked off all of this item's handmade charm :) as you can tell from the pictures. This solid copper bracelet can still be polished quite a bit more. It could also be engraved or hand embellished and tooled with a variety of designs.

mens/unisex solid copper bracelet by Gahooletree

I had my local Metals Supermarket order in tiles of thick solid copper for this project and so far I'm pleased with the results. I don't usually work in copper for jewelry so this project has been very interesting.

But I'm quite glad to have gone through this process, as I know a few other guys who will want me to make something similar for them too!

until next time,
~Anna Lee

Friday, April 3, 2009

I was featured on the Jewelry Report

The good news tonight is that my GahooleTree shop was totally reactivated after Etsy removed it by mistake a few days ago! hooray!!!

A really exciting thing that I couldn't report until tonight because my site had unexpectedly disappeared :( is that earlier this week one of my GahooleTree items was featured here at The Jewelry Report blog:

If you're a friend, teammate, fan, jewelry designer, artisan or reader, please take two minutes to visit this blog venue and post a brief comment there (comments don't have to relate to this feature or my jewelry either!). Thanks so much for your support and participation in the growing Jewelry Report
blog community...
~Anna Lee H.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

OWOH Winning Entry

The 2009 One World One Heart blog participation event has at last come to an official close. I used a random number generator to pick from the 270 comments left here and the winner is:

Liisa from Sweden who maintains Ottilias Veranda blog. Liisa is #014 on the OWOH list! Check out Liisa's truly beautiful blog for more information about her life and passions.

I'll be contacting Liisa by email with this news later today!

Thank you so much to all who entered my giveaway.
Until next year....
~Anna Lee H. in Toronto

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chain Fringe - What Goes Around Comes Around

Chain Fringe earrings by Gahooletree/Oracle Gem Designs

I'm always amazed how fashion trends move on an ebb and flow cycle, sometimes disppearing from popular culture for years or even decades before re-emerging in a brand "new" iteration. Well, apparently chain fringe is now 'in'. But this style of jewelry has been in existence for centuries.
antique dress clip with gold tone chain fringe
My vintage inspired chandelier earrings are styled after a stunning pair of earrings I noticed the gorgeous Capucine sporting during her appearance in the classic John Wayne movie "North To Alaska" set circa 1850. Chain fringe was a common element in Parisian jewelry of that era. Chain fringe was also featured in Edwardian and Victorian jewelry styles.

I have wanted to create something featuring classic chain fringe for quite some time so I'm pleased with how this creation progressed. Similar fringed styles look wonderful in bright sterling silver but they adapt well to oxidizing and a variety of patinas too. And in gold tone the look is simply stunning.

[Inset: antique costume jewelry dress clip with gold toned chain fringe.]

Chain Fringe earrings by Gahooletree/Oracle Gem Designs
The eye popping gemstones in my design are baby swiss blue topaz intricately faceted squares often called "dice" cuts. This particular commissioned item is sold, but if you are interested in a similar design please email with your ideas for a prompt free quote.
Until next time...
~Anna Lee

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Jewelry Sites - Housecleaning

I'm finally getting around to fixing up my main jewelry site Oracle Gem Designs where my links and contact pages were in desperate need of TLC.

Thanks Lois for including me on your recent blog feature: Your ABeaded Affair widgetbox gadget is now on my links page too!

I've taken the liberty of including some of my eSMArts etsy street team friends on my links page too! That includes an rss widget I made up for CoastalArtist that's Van Stewart Bevil's arwork (Van I hope you don't mind) as well as widgets from CreationsbyJAE, MyGemstoneBox, and MomFuse. If you'd like your gadget added, please send me the script or email me for help in creating your own.

Gadgets are very easy and fun to make at where it only takes a few minutes to create your own beautiful & transportable streaming banner advertisement! To whip up an easy blog ad, just type in the url of your blog! You can even create an ad using the rss feed from your etsy shoppe too! That's what I did for Van's artwork.

Widgetbox has developer guidelines concerning property rights, so it's best if each artist creates their OWN gadget for sharing with friends and contacts. But I took the liberty of creating one gadget and I'm not trying to portray this content in any fraudulent way, so I hope the author(s) involved understand my intent.

Through searching widgetbox's galleries, I just found an archived gadget for my friend Teri of S&T Creations so I'll be adding that to the links page here too. And I encourage anyone reading this to explore Widgetbox's FREE online ad generating tool. It truly is a godsend for site and blog developers.

Switching gears for one moment, I'm working on a mirror site for
Oracle Gem Designs - it's a free webs offering at where I can engage in viral ad campaigns.

I'm also going to be hard at work over the next few weeks cleaning up my SassyDLite site and another old domain I hate housecleaning of any kind!
~Anna Lee

One World One Heart Blog Giveaway Contest

One World One Heart badge

The 2009 One World One Heart blog giveaway event is a chance for bloggers from all over the world to meet, mix, and mingle. It also gives us the opportunity to win prizes from each other!!! If you love prizes, and would like to be entered in my giveaway please leave a comment here!

Very last minute (oh if I could only clone myself) I've decided to offer these unique handmade earrings as the Gahooletree entry in the 2009 One World One Heart blogging event. Next year, I promise I'll be ready for this event with amazing entries.

One World One Heart 2009 Gahooletree item

I'm also offering a different giveaway item on my other jewelry blog, so visit SassyDlite blog to enter that contest too!

To be entered into the giveaway for these earrings, leave me a comment, being sure to give me a link to your blog or your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you're my winner! You have until Thursday, February 12th at 11:59 CST to leave a comment here with the requested info in order to enter the drawing. I will then use a random number generator to choose the winner!

My Gahooletree entry for One World One Heart 2009 is this pretty pair of 14K gold fill dangle earrings with gem grade faceted prasiolite (green amethyst), gemmy rose quartz marquis cuts and garnet. They measure 1 1/2 inches in length and the earwires are handforged 14k gold fill. Good luck and I look forward to meeting tons of new bloggers!
~Anna Lee H. in Toronto

Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Work - Springtime Imagery Study

Springtime Imagery Study handmade sterling silver chandelier earrings - imperial topaz, pink sapphire, emerald, rose quartz, amethyst, rhodolite garmet - Available for purchase at Gahooletree on Etsy

Handmade sterling silver chandelier earrings depict melting icicles as our hearts warm to thoughts of springtime, renewal and the splendour of budding florals. Let it thaw!

Designed in tribute to my warm hearted artisan street team friends who daily inspire me, keep me smiling and who always remind me that there are brighter days ahead.

This creation is my entry for the eSMArts January Design Challenge.

Each earring has an imperial topaz brio, two emeralds, fourteen pink sapphire rondelles, two amethyst trillions, a rose quartz marquis and one rhodolite garnet.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is January Supposed to Be This Busy?

yes we accept LayAway at Gahooletree!

We usually take vacation mid month to celebrate our weird winter wedding :) but this year I'm stuck here in the cold and snow of southern Ontario and I'm actually glad I am! Snow has been steadily piling up over the past two weeks, so we really have an old fashioned winter.

handmade 26g silver ball end headpinsI've been babysitting one of my Giant Schnauzers, Max, who I haven't seen in over a year. Max is 12 years old now so not quite as nimble as he used to be. But Max and Amy had a great time together for 2 and half weeks romping in the snow, demanding to be let out every half hour and well simply making life insane around here! But I enjoyed it.

Steady sales at Gahooletree Supplies on etsy has also kept me hopping. We've had fun listing pandora beads, charms and chains as well as new luxe gemstone studio overstock and themed gemstone sampler collections & starter packs. We just got our first order for my handmade 26g ball end silver headpins too.

We just made our first sale on eCrater and will be developing a new shoppe on Artfire (details to follow).
SassyDLite jewelry for the young at heart
Over the holidays we were pleased to see many shoppers at SassyDLite, our new boutique of affordable jewelry staples. It has worked out well developing this second etsy shoppe that features more rustic or everyday designs. And with SassyDLite I've had fun playing with semiprecious stones and non-precious wires.

And at Gahooletree, our flagship store, sales were soft over the holidays. But this is to be expected in light of the economic climate AND the luxe gemstone nature of this venue. But we managed to get a few luxe orders like our custom Family Necklace feature and we just sold one of our most expensive items, so there is hope!

Custom Family Necklaces by Gahooletree

Friday, January 9, 2009

eSMArts TeamShop Contest Today!!!

Please support our eSMArts Team Shop today.

To be entered into our contest to win one of several $10 gift certificates good towards sales at

just visit our Team Blog and make a comment there mentioning our Gift Certificate Grab

between noon and midnight tonight!

Thanks to all of you who enter the contest to support us. All proceeds from eSMArts Team Shop sales support worthy causes!

Midnight Romance Anklet/Bracelet donated by SassyDLite

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love Yourself Month

Send this eCard

I honestly have never heard of "Love Yourself Month" until the other day when I read it on the monthly activities calendar sent out by my daughter's long term care facility.

So I googled it. January really is known as "Love Yourself Month" -- and it is a genuine reason to celebrate all that is good in YOU. This idea of taking a bit of time out of life's hectic mayhem to just pamper oneself is in keeping with one of my new year's resolutions. So I just thought I'd share this cute idea.

So are you a fan of Love Yourself Month? I'd love to hear your comments!