Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Studio Overstock - Emeralds

In the above picture we're introducing four different types and grades of emeralds. From left to right they are: Brazilian, Zambian, Colombian Light and Colombian Dark

Our Brazilian Emerald faceted plump rondelles (shown below in the foreground) are opaque with a uniform bright festive green color. Size on this lot is very big, ranging from 6-8mm in diameter. These are microfaceted Israel cut beads with plenty of sparkle. I'm offering a mixture (approximately 14 inches) of loose beads weighing 150 ctw.USD $75.00 plus S&H

Our deep Zambian emeralds (the deepest green shown second from the left) are a rich deep forest green, but transparent and virtually eye clean! These beautiful beads look great with almost anything. Here we are offering 12 inch strand weighing 76.00 ctw. They range in diameter from 4.5 to 6.7mm.USD $114.00 plus S&H

Our finest colombian emerald faceted rondelles are the traditional perfect emerald green color. This is a perfectly sorted and graduated 20 inch strand ranging in size from 3.0 to 6.6mm in diameter and weighing 58 ctw. This is premium AAA stock with very few inclusions. There are enough beads on this one long strand to complete many projects. USD $406.00 plus S&H

It's a bit difficult to discern from our pictures, but our Dark Colombian Emeralds (far right) are just a trace darker than optimum AAA. Still these beads are relatively eye clean (for emeralds) with few inclusions, their facets are precise and the graduation is superb. We're offering a 19 inch strand weighing approximately 50 ctw. The beads range from 2.4mm to 6mm in diameter.USD $250.00 plus S&H

We currently have dozens of other gemstones available for sale online. If you are looking for something in particular, drop me a line.

Thanks for looking!
Until next time,
~Anna Lee

Saturday, October 18, 2008

added newest member stores and blog urls to team blog: http://ping.fm/jQ1Qm

etsy listings feed to Google Base

I managed to successfully upload my listings for all three of my etsy stores into Google Base tonight. There's a very informative thread in etsy Forums:


Just follow their step by step instructions. They have an entire blog about it:

Use the www.letset.com google base formatter and download your bulk feed XML file.

You'll need a google login, but beyond that registering your feed file with google base and uploading the file aren't difficult or time consuming at all. If you get a "failed" message, read the info listed beside the error for hints and tips and try to correct the problem, before uploading again.

But if you've set up your Google Base account properly, this system works well. Remember to renew these items each month as they will expire in 31 days!

Hopefully now I'll be able to find my listings in http://www.oodle.com!!!