Friday, December 3, 2010

Xmas Gift Ideas

Here are some of my favourites representing great value and perfect for gifting this holiday season. All UNDER $30!

Although other artists are welcome to add to this collection, my picks (from ship attractively boxed, ready for gifting and all designs are READY FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPPING too. Contact me for priority service.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gahooletree Artisan Jewelry on Kaboodle

Ga'HooleTree Artisan Jewelry
Main Grouping slideshow 
(highlights from several seasonal collections both past and present)

Several of these items have sold out, so please email if you wish to order replicas. With all Ga'HooleTree creations, customization is always an option too so send me your design ideas to get things started.

GahooleTree boutique

Gahooletree on Etsy

GaHooleTree ArtFire Studio Now Open!

Take a peek at my newest boutique, GahooleTree, located on ArtFire. My latest work is the Earth Elements collection for Fall/Winter 2010.  The Ga'Hoole Tree Earth Elements collection features gorgeous gemstone treasures coupled with sterling silver in its raw state. These amazing pieces offer plenty of carat weight at an incredible price! Sterling silver accent pieces are handforged, hammered and aged for a mysterious primitive "earth elements" aura.

GahooleTree Artisan Jewelry is 100% handmade in Toronto by designer Anna Lee Husband.  Custom work is welcome!  Email Anna Lee  with your design ideas for a prompt quote.  Anna Lee will gladly develop your custom design, or if you like an existing creation with a twist here or there... that can easily be accommodated and the design will be replicated with swaps per your gemstone &/or colour specifications.  All Ga'HooleTree designs can be customized and coordinating pieces are almost always an affordable option.  

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pandora Galore at Ga'HooleTree Artisan Jewelry Toronto

At Ga'HooleTree artisan jewelry we've been offering customized pandora styled jewelry adornments for quite some time.  Our selection of unique quality pandora components is extensive.  Whether you're looking for authentic limited edition beads bearing the pandora hallmark or the much more affordable copies, we have what you want.  And like everything else from Ga'HooleTree these items are handmade in Toronto.

Above are studio shots from a project that wrapped up on Friday.  This particular pandora styled bracelet was priced at $149 usd.  The listing included a large sterling cuff with screw off removable ends, 3 genuine ALE beads, one genuine 925 sterling silver crystal laden charm and oodles of 925 core lampwork filler beads and tibetan silver spacers as shown. 

Having prepaid (this item sold through our SassyDLite shop on etsy which is soon to be closed), the customer asked for a few colorway variations.  After reviewing the emailed proofs, the red bracelet was eventually chosen.  We spiced up this "starter" gift collection by adding a red jade dangle, a genuine ruby dangle and a genuine blue sapphire dangle (this item will be gifted to a wearer whose birthday was last week). 

Email with your color and charm requirements for a prompt quote.  I am always glad to accept any prepaid custom commission.

Check our Artfire shop for more gorgeous pandora items available fall 2010!
blue/green colorway - client proofs

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to tie your Pandora Lariat

How to tie your Pandora Lariat

Use One Pandora Lariat for this design.

  1. Double the lariat in 1/2 to form a loop at one end.
  2. Thread the loop through a Pandora charm. Thread the charm towards the end of the bracelet.
  3. Leave an open loop at one end.
  4. Tie two knots, one of either side of the charm.
  5. Thread another charm.
  6. Tie another knot.
  7. Continue this sequence to add as many charms as you like.
  8. Tie a knot behind the last charm (so that every charm has one knot on either side of each charm).
  9. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist.
  10. Thread the metal ends through the loop at the opposite end.
  11. Tie a knot at the end to fasten the bracelet in place.
 It is best to tie the knots firmly, but not too tightly.

We have fast, secure online checkout in our ArtFire studio so you can purchase your pandora starter sets with leather lariat here!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Legend of the Guardians, The Owls of Ga'Hoole movie is finally here!

At long last the movie has arrived!  Legend of the Guardians, The Owls of Ga'Hoole opened in theatres last Friday.  After a wait that seems like an eternity, I'm elated.  We just returned from the theatre and I'm not disappointed!  btw, no copyright infringement is herein attempted.  I'm just a fan....

For those who aren't familiar, Guardians of Ga'hoole is a series of children's books written by acclaimed author Kathryn Lasky.  This movie chronicles a classic tale of valor where old school values like championing the cause of innocents and vanquishing evil are espoused. 

Legend of the Guardians, The Owls of Ga'Hoole is a pure unadulterated fairy tale about an unlikely band of owl heroes.  These popular books have earned millions of fans worldwide and this mythic tale was the inspiration behind my Ga'Hoole Tree Artisan Jewelry that is 100% handmade in Toronto.

Having read all the Guardians of Ga'Hoole books, I was somewhat concerned that the movie would omit too much relevant content.  In fact I doubted that any screenplay could possibly do justice to the plethora of interesting content contained in the series.

We didn't view the movie in 3D so maybe I'll go back for that.  My husband didn't appreciate the somewhat light treatment and fast pace on certain scenes, but with movie adaptations it is always difficult to please every reader... 

Anyhow, I *adored* the flavour and spirit of this film.  The animation is extraordinary.  Images and many scenes are just as I had imagined them!  With voices provided by a truly killer cast including Helen Mirren, Geoffrey Rush and Sam Neill the soundtrack and script were even more enjoyable than I anticipated.  And the Owl City theme song didn't disappoint either. 

Two years ago a stranger on YouTube pointed me towards the work of Owl City. They likely found me because my online handle on many social networking sites is "gahooletree".  Anyhow, I definitely enjoy the music of Adam Young and his movie theme song "To The Sky" is great.  I will purchase either the movie soundtrack or album.  I'll pick up a copy of this movie when it becomes available for purchase too.  Is there a sequel in the works? :)

our cool new Ga'Hoole Tree Jewelry gift box labels

Monday, August 16, 2010

Love Is In The Air - Custom Handcrafted Bridal Hair Pins by Gahooletree Toronto

Fresh from my bench, these custom bridal hair pin designs incorporate beautiful freshwater cultured pearls, keishi petal pearls, pink aquamarine and various swarovski crystal elements.   The lacy metal is sterling silver wire, but I create similar offerings using non tarnish argentium wire too.  Press the arrow in the above embedded video to play it.

Custom Bridal Hair Pins by Gahooletree Toronto

This one of a kind bridal hairpin collection features a prominent and edgy 5 inch wide focal bridal chignon hair pin which includes gorgeous keishi petal pearl accents ($69).  In the above embedded video you'll see two medium sized complementary pins ($39 each).  These new bridal hairpin designs will soon be available for purchase at and   And to round out this chignon pin ensemble I've made a set of matching tiny accent pins for spot placement.

To recap this project thus far, the commission is a wedding chignon updo adornment.  For the bride in question, I recommend flanking the chignon (one on either side) with the large hairpin and one medium pin.  Using identical pins will give a slightly more dated/pageant look.  This suggested hair pin assymetry will also work well if an off-center chignon placement is eventually decided upon.

Genuine gemstone bridal hair accessories also available upon request

To shape my large pin, the hair stylist should grip it in his fist with pin ends downward and the three main fronds draped over the top of fist (think of the shape of a palm tree).  All of the individual elements on my hair accessories are bendable, so the idea here is for the stylist to shape and form the pin into a curved umbrella shape prior to placing the pin in the hair. Shaping the pin into a cool three dimensional form will shrink its overall footprint and allow the stylist to fill whatever space seems most attractive.

Traditionally, handwired bridal hair pins/combs were formed flat prior to being placed in the hair, but today's twisted, knotted updos demand dimensional hair accessories.  To achieve the needed dimension, the stylist should bend my individual design elements to stand perpendicular to the scalp -- or shape them to form clustered sprays, but definitely you'll get a far more modern look if my pins/combs are NOT left flat.

Three dimensional pins are hot! 

My bridal design themes can be created in a variety of jewelry applications: hair pins, hair combs, tiaras, garlands, brooches, or even gemstone or crystal boutonnieres for the guys!  And of course, coordinating or complementary jewelry pieces for bridesmaids, mother of the bride etc. are always an option too.   I almost always have pastel pearls and crystals on hand for this purpose. 

Most popular pastel pearls/crystals are available for bridesmaid creations

With so many levels of customization available, the world of handmade gemstone bridal jewelry can seem daunting:  wedding day jewelry applications and their design possibilities are endless, so the modern bride has many jewelry considerations to bear in mind.  I try to ascertain through interview exactly what each bride loves and what she can realistically afford.  And no budget is too small in my view :) 

I find that my brides invariably have put a great deal of thought into the flavour of wedding that will make them happy.  And if they haven't done that yet :) then I'll gently guide them through the process.  It may mean weeks or months of back and forth negotiations, but in the final analysis, my brides "always get it right" and I rely heavily on them to outline their likes/theme ideas and advise me which pieces and colorways I need to create.  

Garlands, tiaras and headbands: nice alternative to bridal pins/combs

In addition to adding focal hair pins or hair combs within your bridal updo, it is often a good idea to provide your hair stylist with a set of smaller bud pins.  These cute mini accents not only tie the coiffure theme together but can prove to be invaluable styling aids if your stylist needs to tack down any loose/stray ends.

Mini accent pins may be worn alone, grouped as shown here or just add a few to complement focal hair accessories
I can easily create mini pins to match (or coordinate with) any bridal hair accessory theme.  Check back to my studios for more tiny (and affordable) bridal accent hairpin styles coming soon!

Handmade boutonnieres available in
 gemstone, crystal or pearl
And check my studios for handmade gemstone boutonnieres and stunning crystal boutonnieres coming soon too!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new Ga'HooleTree Owly Artwork

isn't this little hooter just adorable?  He's part of a set of artwork that I purchased from Linda aka Tortagialla.... and I just love him.  Linda, the artist behind the Tortagialla brand is oh so interesting.  As she puts it she's "a Californian girl who took the plunge and moved to the Tuscan hills of Italy - now creating art and design for a happy crafty life! -Tortagialla, Capanne-Montopoli, (PI), Italy"  Wow, I was impressed that this gal is actually "living the dream"! 

Tortagialla has several cool sites and outlets like an etsy shop, an online gallery of art prints and Linda even has her own line of fabric designs too.

Below are some of the other owly friends that I purchased from Linda.  Using Adobe Illustrator I painted and played with the basic outlines in order to get these little feathered friends ready for prime time.... but I'm quite happy with the final results.  Here at the Ga'Hoole Tree we'll be using these new images in our coupons, banners, blogs, etc.  Cool stuff!

the Ga'HooleTree Clan

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Toronto artist Katya Trischuk creates stunning Easter egg keepsakes

Toronto artist Katya Trischuk creates stunning Easter egg keepsakes

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Above is a link to my first article in the official capcity of Toronto Arts and Crafts Editor on This feature is about the amazing talents of Katya Tischuk, an acclaimed oil artist who is also the genius behind Ukrainian Easter Eggs on etsy.

Please subscribe to the feed (there's a subscribe button at the top of the article). By subscribing you'll get regular updates delivered to your email.

I'm now on the lookout to find more Toronto area artisans to write about. If you know someone who would be a good fit for my column have them write me via or by email at tiger_eye at rogers dot com.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Handmade Mystic Blue Topaz and Aquamarine Dangle on 22k vermeil wires

glorious gemstone dangles to perk up your spring!
ONLY $46.00

Click here to make them yours or copy & paste this link into your browser:

Handmade Mystic Blue Topaz and Aquamarine Dangle on 22k vermeil wires
Originally uploaded by cdnallie

New Gahooletree Spring 2010 Designs: Fashion Series (turquoise tones with purple/reds and other genuine gemstone creations in the season's hottest colours)

Here are some of my spring 2010 designs (the album is resident on Durham Region Handmade Cafe on Ning):

Find more photos like this on Durham Region Handmade Cafe

New pics: from our Spring 2010 Fashion Series.. genuine gemstone creations in the season's hottest colors. Some pieces are for sale right now at or at where you can shop 24/7 with secure checkout using PayPal or any major credit card.

All my designs are available through or email me for online purchasing.

Everything I create is customizable to suit your specifications and I love custom work!

Call 905-718-7080 for mail order.

Local pick up available.

Bulk pricing available on bridal packages. Brides call 905-718-7080 to reserve a studio consultation slot.

I have dozens of designs available for immediate retail purchase in my retail gallery & studio in Oshawa. All visits by appointment only 905-718-7080.

Follow me on Twitter::

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Local area artisans are welcome to join the fun on "Durham Region Handmade Cafe on Ning" so here's a link:!

Friday, March 19, 2010

my photobucket movie test

this is a small test to grab a snippet of code for the homepage of I finally found my ftp login and password! yay :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Shop on DaWanda is now open

Friday, March 5, 2010

Gahooletree was featured!

Summer Breezes Bracelet: Yellow Topaz, Tourmaline, Sapphire, 24k Vermeil, Prehnite, 14k Gold Fill by Toronto designer Anna Lee Husband of Gahooletree and available for sale on etsy
My fans have just gotta check out this article where one of my VERY gold bracelets which was just featured :)

Thank you to Christina of the Akane Designs blog for showcasing Gahooletree as the best of Etsy Canada in her article "Favourites - Canada Gets Gold!":

Click HERE to read the full report.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shop Gahooletree & Anna Lee Jewelry on DaWanda

Shop Gahooletree and Anna Lee Jewelry on DaWanda

DaWanda offers a new outlet for Anna Lee Jewelry and the Gahooletree brand of artisan gemstone treasures. Each item is a one of a kind original. All pieces are designed and personally handcrafted by Anna Lee in her Toronto studio.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our OWOH Winner!

okay so the entries have been tallied and I'm a bit late with this... but our winner is:

Julia Dees of MoonCat Farms! 

Her blog is here: and
... she also has an etsy shop here:

Thank you to everyone who left a comment.  I especially wish to thank all of my new followers for joining this blog network.  As promised, I am now following your blogs too :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Arabian Nights Gold Fill Necklace (My 2010 One World One Heart giveaway item)

Here's our entry in the 2010 One World One Heart blog giveaway event.  If you're the winner, Gahooletree Designs will send you this unique genuine gemstone creation.   "Arabian Nights" is a 20 inch gold fill necklace featuring three beautiful dangling treasures:  large faceted blue sapphire, cognac coloured chalcedony and a smokey quartz!  PS On my sister blog (click HERE) I'm offering a SECOND beautiful giveaway too!

The One World One Heart (OWOH) event is designed to boost the efforts of bloggers as it encourages blog writers from across the globe to connect and get to know one another better. For more information click this image:


How to Enter
:  While you're here, please follow my blog (click the Follow icon to the right) and to enter the giveaway to receive this free item, just leave a comment on this blog post.  Remember, if you're my winning entry I'll need to be able to contact you by email so please include a valid email address in your comment. 

Getting Connected:  If you're a fellow blogger, I'd love to hear from you so send comments or suggestions.  Write me and I'll visit your blog too or simply feel free to write just to say hi. 

How to Participate:  Jump on the magic carpet and go for a quick spin!  Visit this link: to find a complete list of 2010 OWOH participants (called Magic Carpet Ticket Holders).  Each of the 2010 OWOH participants is currently offering at least one free giveaway item so enter as many of the giveaways as you like!!!

And if you're not already involved in this remarkable global project, please make yourself a note to join us next January for the 2011 fun!

Contest Closes: February 15th at midnight Eastern time.  The winner will be announced here on February 16th, 2010.