Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pandora Galore at Ga'HooleTree Artisan Jewelry Toronto

At Ga'HooleTree artisan jewelry we've been offering customized pandora styled jewelry adornments for quite some time.  Our selection of unique quality pandora components is extensive.  Whether you're looking for authentic limited edition beads bearing the pandora hallmark or the much more affordable copies, we have what you want.  And like everything else from Ga'HooleTree these items are handmade in Toronto.

Above are studio shots from a project that wrapped up on Friday.  This particular pandora styled bracelet was priced at $149 usd.  The listing included a large sterling cuff with screw off removable ends, 3 genuine ALE beads, one genuine 925 sterling silver crystal laden charm and oodles of 925 core lampwork filler beads and tibetan silver spacers as shown. 

Having prepaid (this item sold through our SassyDLite shop on etsy which is soon to be closed), the customer asked for a few colorway variations.  After reviewing the emailed proofs, the red bracelet was eventually chosen.  We spiced up this "starter" gift collection by adding a red jade dangle, a genuine ruby dangle and a genuine blue sapphire dangle (this item will be gifted to a wearer whose birthday was last week). 

Email with your color and charm requirements for a prompt quote.  I am always glad to accept any prepaid custom commission.

Check our Artfire shop for more gorgeous pandora items available fall 2010!
blue/green colorway - client proofs
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