Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new Ga'HooleTree Owly Artwork

isn't this little hooter just adorable?  He's part of a set of artwork that I purchased from Linda aka Tortagialla.... and I just love him.  Linda, the artist behind the Tortagialla brand is oh so interesting.  As she puts it she's "a Californian girl who took the plunge and moved to the Tuscan hills of Italy - now creating art and design for a happy crafty life! -Tortagialla, Capanne-Montopoli, (PI), Italy"  Wow, I was impressed that this gal is actually "living the dream"! 

Tortagialla has several cool sites and outlets like an etsy shop, an online gallery of art prints and Linda even has her own line of fabric designs too.

Below are some of the other owly friends that I purchased from Linda.  Using Adobe Illustrator I painted and played with the basic outlines in order to get these little feathered friends ready for prime time.... but I'm quite happy with the final results.  Here at the Ga'Hoole Tree we'll be using these new images in our coupons, banners, blogs, etc.  Cool stuff!

the Ga'HooleTree Clan
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