Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Harvest is my favourite time of the year. Warm sunny days with cool, crisp nights, colourful leaves, and an abundance of health giving and tasty produce. It's really no wonder then that we choose beautiful autumn to pause & celebrate with loved ones, to take stock of our blessings and appropriately, to give thanks.

Today our daughter came home to share in the traditional harvest feast. This year we've opted for boneless turkey roasts in lieu of the full roasted stuffed bird. More on that to follow.

I've never viewed Thanksgiving as being a particularly religious event. To me Thanksgiving is an opportunity to meditate and reflect while enjoying, savouring & appreciating earth's bounty. By so doing I somehow feel at one with and in harmony with the universe.

Above: my hand cross stitch from 2006. This is a free pattern that I found online and amended. Some day I'll get it professionally framed.

Albeit primitive, all civilizations and cultures have celebrated earth's gifts in one way or another. I suggest that humans are inextricably linked to Mother Earth and her cycles - that we're organically and spiritually a part of this beautiful orb and without Earth we won't survive...

Do something today to invest in the future of the planet.
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