Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thank You Lois & Al!

It was great finally meeting Lois of ABeadedAffair last weekend. Lois and I have certainly done our fair share of chatting and exchanging emails, but nothing can replace the joy of connecting with somebody in person.

Lois and Al live in a picturesque burough of north east Philadelphia - the land of hoagies, philly steak sandwiches and hospitality! Time was a bit tight, but we managed to squeeze in some sightseeing, shopping and plenty of warm company. We'll be back to sample Al's meade in the near future.

David and I wish to thank Lois and Al for being such good hosts. Here we are enjoying Lois' famous prime rib dinner and all the fixins! It was nice that Wilma of Wilma's Whimseys and her son Ray from Minnesota were also able to join the party!

It was a perfectly enjoyable weekend. We didn't have as much time to discuss gemstones and jewelry as we would have liked, but then again, put a few beaders together and the banter could rattle on forever!

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