Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Jewelry Sites - Housecleaning

I'm finally getting around to fixing up my main jewelry site Oracle Gem Designs where my links and contact pages were in desperate need of TLC.

Thanks Lois for including me on your recent blog feature: http://abeadedaffair.blogspot.com/2009/02/just-few-updates.html. Your ABeaded Affair widgetbox gadget is now on my links page too!

I've taken the liberty of including some of my eSMArts etsy street team friends on my links page too! That includes an rss widget I made up for CoastalArtist that's Van Stewart Bevil's arwork (Van I hope you don't mind) as well as widgets from CreationsbyJAE, MyGemstoneBox, and MomFuse. If you'd like your gadget added, please send me the script or email me for help in creating your own.

Gadgets are very easy and fun to make at www.widgetbox.com where it only takes a few minutes to create your own beautiful & transportable streaming banner advertisement! To whip up an easy blog ad, just type in the url of your blog! You can even create an ad using the rss feed from your etsy shoppe too! That's what I did for Van's artwork.

Widgetbox has developer guidelines concerning property rights, so it's best if each artist creates their OWN gadget for sharing with friends and contacts. But I took the liberty of creating one gadget and I'm not trying to portray this content in any fraudulent way, so I hope the author(s) involved understand my intent.

Through searching widgetbox's galleries, I just found an archived gadget for my friend Teri of S&T Creations so I'll be adding that to the links page here too. And I encourage anyone reading this to explore Widgetbox's FREE online ad generating tool. It truly is a godsend for site and blog developers.

Switching gears for one moment, I'm working on a mirror site for
Oracle Gem Designs - it's a free webs offering at http://www.oraclegems.webs.com where I can engage in viral ad campaigns.

I'm also going to be hard at work over the next few weeks cleaning up my SassyDLite site http://www.sassydlite.com and another old domain www.oracle-gems.com. I hate housecleaning of any kind!
~Anna Lee

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