Friday, July 18, 2008

a new slideshow

Watching this I realize just how much effort and time I've invested in honing my craft this past ten months. Wow, even I'm thinking "what a weird mixture of styles, materials and techniques!". Yet it was time well spent. And each session once I gather my thoughts to develop something "new" and fresh it appears I learn something new and fresh as well.

In fact, when it comes to creative motivation, I admit rather shamefully that what gets me back to the bench is without a doubt the opportunity to either work with something brand new or to work in a brand new way - with a new technique.

I call this curse a penchant for self actualization. I'm like this with many things - never satisfied with what's been done, always looking to better it. With artisan handmade jewellery this curse has significant consequences. I now have a studio overflowing with materials I no longer appreciate and cases of unsold jewelry that in hindsight I'm not crazy about.

One thing is certain - I read way too many jewelry related publications. And wonderful though these reference materials may be, and yes, from them the inspiration just floods in upon me in waves, my efforts are scattered. The broad collection of goodies showcased in this slideshow underscore my point that I'm still finding my way. And like my own tastes in jewelry, my designs are all over the map. But how does one carve her own path?

With the exception of a small handful of visionaries, there's always a hint of replica in what artists produce and my jewellery is no exception. But I'd like to think that my pieces are drizzled with a unique flavour that's purely 'Anna Lee'. Hopefully through plenty more practice, more honing my craft, more education, more interaction within the artistic community etc. I'll find my calling.

But when my own 'style' emerges there'll most likely be two moons in the sky. And on that day perhaps just maybe I'll know what I want to be when I grow up.
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