Friday, February 25, 2011

Gahooletree Jewelry on Etsy's Front Page ? ? ?

well folks, there must be some mistake (perhaps two moons in the sky ??) because I just found out moments ago that one of my Gahooletree jewelry items actually DID make it to the front page on etsy. This blessed event apparently took place over a year ago! No kidding... nobody sent me a convo or announcement about this triumphant and miraculous happening either... I had no idea up until right now. Had I known, perhaps I wouldn't have moved most of my business to the Artfire platform! LOL


Lessons learned: Well made products aren't enough to get attention on etsy. Attractive and appealing designs don't get you noticed. Great pics don't really do it either. What works then you ask? Who knows. Since I've yet to try chanting in tongues or praying to the handmade gods perhaps either is worth a try.
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