Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Flickr Profile

The other day I somehow stumbled upon and I decided to upload pics that are relevant to me. So without giving it a second thought I quickly created a collection containing a few of my recent jewellery creations - items that are available for purchase at and

On Flickr I also decided to store an ongoing collection of photos pertaining to my wonderful recumbent road bicycle, the Oracle Omega, which is also available for purchase through my company Oracle Cycle Works. So I started uploading early prototype photos of the Oracle Omega, some of Jack's early tig welding stuff and overall design notes.

But today I read somewhere that Flickr forbids commercial use of their site. Does that mean that these picture collections which represent the essence of who and what I am, will be banned from Flickr? If you have the answer please let me know. If my sharing these aspects of my life is going to be prohibited by Flickr I'd like to know now, before I spend any more time that will go to waste.
-Anna Lee
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